PUB introduces mascot Water Wally’s sister in latest brand film

Singapore’s national water agency PUB has launched a new brand film titled “Dear Water Sally”, which introduces PUB’s new character Water Sally, the sister of its iconic mascot Water Wally. PUB aims to reach out to the younger generation with the introduction of Water Sally as it sees the generation playing a critical role in ensuring the continued success of Singapore’s water story. Moreover, PUB finds the conversation on sustainability becoming increasingly salient, and saw a need to refresh its messages around water conservation with a new character, to engage the younger generation further.

The audience got a first peek at Water Sally when PUB released teaser posts in December last year, showing how she and Water Wally teamed up to conserve water whenever they can. Water Sally was officially unveiled in the short-animated film, which was created to appeal to children and older audiences alike. The film told her backstory of her studies overseas and highlighted her new-found global perspective on water sustainability which will enhance her water-saving missions with Water Wally. The film was done in collaboration with Tribal Worldwide Singapore, and was launched on PUB’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

The integrated campaign also includes a Facebook post that encourages Singaporeans to support Water Wally and Sally by sharing their 2021 water resolutions and changing their profile frames. Additionally, PUB will be launching an Instagram filter contest and more storytelling videos.

PUB also tapped on various out-of-home advertising such as outdoor posters, PlayLive! Screen interactive adshels, wholly painted buses, and billboards to amplify the introduction of Water Sally.

Beyond the campaign, PUB will be kicking off the first recruitment drive for the Water Wally and Sally Club, a water fun club in town targeted at children 12 years old and below. According to PUB, participants of the Water Wally and Sally Club will get to learn about various water-related topics through various activities and events.

Cindy Keng, director, 3P Network, PUB, said it is excited to introduce Water Sally as part of its water conservation campaign. Together with Water Wally, the dynamic duo will influence positive behaviour in the younger generation and help them be more aware of how climate change is affecting Singapore’s water sustainability, she added.  

Benson Toh, executive creative director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore, said: “We chose to bring Water Sally to life in an animated film to give a fresh spin to our water story. Animation has a clever way of weaving together adult and children’s worlds. They are cute and appeal to children yet depict a deeper meaning and complex visual stories appreciated by older audiences. The film also gives a subtle nod to the NDP track “Count On Me, Singapore”, as the iconic melody is woven into the start and end to give the film a local flavour.”

Earlier last year in March, PUB also refreshed its water conversation campaign by introducing new creative assets. These included a TVC illustrating Singapore's water journey which showed the difference between Singapore in the past and in the present. PUB also updated its "Make Every Drop Count" logo, with each letter in the new logo narrating the story of Singapore's water history to today's innovation and achievements. The three-month long campaign also featured various print assets placed all around Singapore. The visuals were archive pictures documenting significant events related to Singapore's water journey in the past. Developed by Tribal Worldwide Singapore as well, the campaign looked back at past years of behind-the-scenes work, in a bid to mark how far Singapore has come in its water journey.

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