Pizza Hut hosts Millennial online pizza party to celebrate 10th 'Cheesiversary'

Pizza Hut Singapore has launched an extra cheesy campaign featuring a product inspired and developed during the Circuit Breaker, to celebrate the brand’s the 10-year “Cheesiversary” of fan favourite Cheesy 7.  Developed during the lockdown, the resonating thought behind the campaign was the need to share smiles all round. This led to a cheery, high energy virtual get-together that captured a moment of fun in uncertain times.

The campaign kickstarted with a commercial created by Blak Labs, where eight Millennial cheese lovers can be seen gathered for an online pizza part to celebrate the usage of an extra cheese on top of the original seven cheeses, all available on one unique pizza. The video call entails the protagonist wanting everyone to smile for the group shot to capture the memory, for which she readies everyone with “Say cheese!”. However, everyone shouts out cheese names instead, according to their own preferences, with the names that appeared ranging from an operatic “Mozarellaaaaa!!!!”, a cool “Romano”, a cute and cheeky “Gouda”, all the way through “Parmesan, Cheddar, Monterey Jack” and even a godfatherly “Provolone”.

Apart from the video, Pizza Hut has also planned more activations and instant giveaways in the run up to Singapore’s birthday on National Day. Deliveries come with a limited edition placemat that includes a cheeky “who moved my cheese” style game, which also serves as a placement guide with tips on how to best lay pizzas for that “instagrammable” flat-lay.

Jayss Rajoo, head of marketing and food innovation at Pizza Hut Singapore said it was important that the company launched its 10th “Cheesiversary” with an idea that captured the human connections everyone craved during the unprecedented times.

Sarah Tan, assistant brand manager of Pizza Hut Singapore said the company found that during the Circuit Breaker period, people were willing to do anything to share a smile with their loved ones over their favourites, which was why Pizza Hut felt that it was essential to position the campaign as an uplifting moment, especially during these tough times. “The finished production well encapsulates what we had imagined, while delivering on the brand ethos of ‘Your Slice of Simple’,” Tan added.

Koh Hwee Peng, creative partner of Blak Labs said the company was looking for a fun concept that captured the spirit of the times and with Momentum’s help, it was able to pull it off. Meanwhile, Charlie Blower, co-founder and managing partner of Blak Labs said the company was very happy with the way the film had come out. “Even though it’s only 15 seconds long, there is so much production value on screen and some great performances,” Blower added.

Pizza Hut has done various other fun and touching campaigns in the past. In April this year, it sent a slice of love to it competitor McDonald's SG with a heartfelt post to show solidarity after the announcement of the temporary closure of McDonald's outlets in Singapore. Pizza Hut MY also took part in a donation drive set by QSR Brands to raise funds for those in need during these unforeseen times. 

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