Persistent tweets from consumer pushes KFC to bring back Devil Drumlets

Remember the Hot Devil Drumlets that KFC Singapore released in 2014 for a limited time only? Well, they are back now, and this is probably because of a series of persistent tweets by a passionate consumer.

Farhan Adam Borst, who goes by the Twitter handle @farthestofhans, took to social media to urge KFC Singapore to bring the irresistible Hot Devil Drumlets back. And KFC heard him.

It all started with this tweet.

Adam Borst went one step further to prove his love for spicy fried chicken.

One might think he would have given up eventually, but his persistence paid off. He published a series of tweets to KFC Singapore when they launched the "Chizza" in February this year.

At long last, KFC Singapore not only brought back the delicious fried chicken, but also reached out to Adam Borst personally via Instagram so he would be the first to know of the good news.

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In a statement to Marketing, KFC Singapore's spokesperson said that while Adam Borst's persistence was not the only reason why it brought back the Hot Devil Drumlets, his persistence and passion as well as many other fans' requests for the spicy fried chicken, boosted KFC's confidence in bringing the product back.

The spokesperson added that KFC Singapore monitors its social conversations closely with every campaign launch, such as Farhan tweeting to the company on many occasions requesting for Hot Devil Drumlets.

"When we were planning to launch Hot Devil Drumlets, we thought we should let this ardent fan have the first taste of its comeback," the spokesperson said.

When asked if this move was part of a new marketing campaign for the product, the spokesperson said the company wanted to show its appreciation to Farhan for being an ardent fan of the Hot Devil Drumlets."We wanted to surprise and thank him for loving our KFC Hot Devil Drumlets and for following KFC's new product launches," the spokesperson added.

KFC Singapore declined to comment further on its marketing plan for the product. Who's up for some finger lickin' good spicy fried chicken?

(Photo courtesy: Farhan Adam Borst and KFC Singapore)