OREO Dunk Challenge comes to Singapore

OREO has launched its OREO Dunk Challenge campaign in Singapore, with plans for roll out to over 50 countries by July. This campaign invites fans to relive the iconic OREO moment of dunking its cookies in milk.

In Singapore, the campaign showcases regional racing talent Leona Chin and aims to encourage consumer participation. It is activated in Singapore throughout April, on FTA TV, cable, YouTube, Facebook and through social influencers, according to Mondelez in a conversation with Marketing.

Currently, the brand works with Carat Content and Carat Media for the activation locally.

Globally, the OREO Dunk Challenge is led by Martin Agency, and involves a variety of activations and collaborations designed to provide dunking inspiration. These collaborations showcase new and innovative ways to dunk an OREO biscuit in milk, starting with celebrity dunks by celebrities Shaquille O’Neal and Christina Aguilera.

“OREO encourages everyone from age nine to 99 to relook the world with childlike wonder, and what better way to symbolise this than OREO’s signature dunk ritual. We believe that, when you dunk an OREO biscuit in milk, you’re releasing a bit of childlike wonder from within, and it’s those types of moments that OREO was built on,” Jovena Loon, Oreo brand manager, Mondelez Singapore, said.

Watch the videos here:

“Dunking has been in my DNA for years, but it goes beyond basketball. I’ve always loved dunking my OREO cookies in milk – it makes me feel like a kid like no other snack or treat. And lots of people will tell you that I love to let my inner kid out, which is why I was up for joining the OREO Dunk Challenge,” said Shaquille O’Neal.