Ogilvy Maintains Marketers' Trust

Marketers in Singapore have again crowned Ogilvy as their most preferred agency for creative advertising services for yet another year, according to results released from Lighthouse Research's 2012 Marketing Trends Report.

The survey asked of client marketers to write in order their top three preferred agencies of choice for creative advertising services as well as eight other marketing services disciplines - media planning and buying services, public relations, event marketing services, direct marketing, loyalty marketing & CRM, digital marketing services, brand consulting and market research.

"We have been asking marketers their agencies of choice since 2004 and while there are typically changes in rankings in other categories, Ogilvy continues to be a dominant force, registering top-of-mind with client marketers," Curtis Bergh, director of Lighthouse Research, said.

"Both DDB and BBDO have improved in our study compared to last year; in BBDO's case they nearly doubled their preference rating score from 2011, demonstrating that they are gaining in popularity and top-of-mind recall among client marketers."

DDB and BBDO also showed strongly in the study, coming in second and third respectively. Ogilvy had a preference rating of 6.57% while DDB and BBDO had preference ratings of 5.92% and 4.70% respectively.

The 2012 Marketing Trends Report for Singapore is based on a comprehensive survey questionnaire sent to client side marketers and advertisers in Singapore covering a wide variety of topics such as budget allocation and growth, digital and social media, agency selection criteria and preferred agencies of choice. A total of 1,256 individuals participated in the study conducted in partnership with Marketing magazine. The full 2012 Marketing Trends Report for Singapore can be purchased directly from Lighthouse Research, a division of Lighthouse Independent Media.

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