WATCH Nike shares your inner struggles

Nike Women’s 'Better for it' by Wieden + Kennedy is a lighthearted homage to the average athlete.

Featuring the inner voices of women as they race in marathons, finish a gym routine, or balance it out at a yoga class, the ad perfectly encapsulates the all-too-common struggle of staying motivated during an exercise.

The spot follows the thoughts of women as they battle their insecurities and doubts only to emerge victorious in the end, when the ad ends with a triumphant, “Let’s do it, again.”


The commercial proved to be highly relatable among women, as shown in the brand’s YouTube comments, with one user saying: “The runner (in the ad) right at the finish line was speaking my thoughts from my half yesterday! I didn't think I could finish, and then I came in 3rd in my age category!”

The ad is quite a departure from Nike’s more athletic focus, as it aims to encourage women to enjoy themselves in their preferred sport or exercise.

The campaign also launched the #betterforit that challenges women to push themselves further in any sporting endeavor.