Neutrogena taps chatbot for personalised product recommendations

Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong has launched a Facebook chatbot to introduce Neutrogena’s latest hydro boost series of products, in a bid to engage with customers prior to making a purchasing decision.

The Facebook chatbot acts as a real-time digital beauty advisor that recommends suitable product combinations based on the nature of the consumer’s skin.

The initiative aims to bridge the gap between introducing a brand and customers developing an active interest in a product.

“To truly add value to a customer’s experience, you have to be there at the right place at the right time with the most relevant information,” said Leo Tsui, head of Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong. “The chatbot is accessible, easy-to-use and very helpful.”

The experience completes the customer journey from online or social to offline or retail by guiding consumers towards their purchasing decision, on their terms.

“Tribal’s intuitive chatbot experience is the perfect solution for mass-market cosmetic brands like Neutrogena looking to offer customers a more personalised experience,” said Stephenie Kwok, senior brand activation manager at Neutrogena. “We are now able to stay connected with our customers from the introduction via a branding campaign, all the way through to the trial and ultimate decision to purchase a product.”

The soft launch took place via Neutrogena’s Facebook page in October. The platform will become a long-term customer engagement channel for one-on-one interactions with consumers. Following its launch, Tribal will roll out a number of major enhancements to the chatbot experience to continue promoting new and existing product ranges.

Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong
Head of Tribal: Leo Tsui
Technical and operations director: Bocys Lam
Group creative director: Marco Lam
Associate creative director: Tung Lam
Assistant art director: Eve Cheung
Copywriter: Kelvin Wong
Senior account director: Koman Ko
Digital executive: Hester Ma
Account executive: Coco Tsang

Johnson & Johnson Hong Kong
Commercial director: Xiqiao Nakano
Head of marketing: Chloe Kwok
Senior brand activation manager: Stephenie Kwok

Johnson & Johnson Taiwan
Digital marketing manager: Michelle Lo

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