Nando's banters with myBurgerLab and GSC about recelebrating 2020

There has been some buzz surrounding Nando's Malaysia's recent Re-Celebrate 2020 campaign and the F&B chain is not letting it stop there. Shortly after it announced the campaign, it began engaging with the brands that commented on its previous posts. Prior to the campaign launch, Nando's intentionally confused consumers by wishing them Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Chinese New Year. This led to brands such as Shopee, myBurgerLab, GSC, MBO, EVA Airways, Xiaomi Malaysia, Marrybrown and the New Straits Times reacting to the posts. 

In response, Nando's published personalised posts for each brand that commented, starting off with myBurgerLab. "To myBurgerLab, 2020 may be a beautiful mess. But we can be together like Ohana, to Say Cheese and #ReCelebrate2020. You don't have to be Jammin' with Elvis, or prepare for any Double Trouble. Just join us and #KeepTheFlameBurning," Nando's said, referencing some of myBurgerLab's popular burgers.

MyBurgerLab's response was witty and also referenced Nando's famous chicken, saying that there is "nata lot [it] can say, except that [it loves Nando's] Peri Peri much". "Yes, a 1/4 year felt like 1/2 a year, and 1/2 a year felt like a full year. In fact, thanks to MCO, we gained some rolls on the side," it added. 

Next in line was GSC, and Nando's merely said: "Hello, GSC. Vanguard, Vanguard, Vanguard. Nah, help you promote. Don't say we never #ReCelebrate2020 with you." For those who are unaware, Vanguard is a Chinese spy-thriller drama starring Jackie Chan.

GSC returned the favour by professing its love for Nando's on Twitter and Facebook, adding that it will head over to Nando's for dinner. Nando's replied to GSC on Facebook, urging it to pinky promise that GSC will invite all its friends and make use of the RM10 promotion for its full platter for four.

Meanwhile, the Recovery Movement Control Order might have rained on NST's parade in July this year when it marked its 175th anniversary. As such, Nando's urged the newspaper to go for a second round at its restaurants.

The idea for both the follow posts and the original campaign was created by Fishermen Integrated, which was also behind Nando's viral ad that poked fun at Burger King's mouldy burger ad earlier this year. While Burger King promoted its no preservatives move, Nando's reiterated that it has always stuck to 0% preservatives. Next to Burger King's mouldy Whopper, it simply placed an empty one with presumably chicken crumbs.

In a statement to A+M, Elaine Chiew, Nando's Malaysia's senior marketing manager, said the Re-Celebrate campaign carries a positive message that is relevant not just its customers but other brands and everyone in Malaysia. She added that it is a good opportunity for other brands to collectively spread the message of positivity together.

"Following the virality and buzz surrounding the brand during the campaign teaser and launch, we have seen many customers sharing photos of them with their loved ones at our restaurants. Many have also been tagging their friends to plan a Nando's date since the teasers came out,:" Chiew added.

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