Nando’s fires up its own blank cheque ahead of election day

Nando’s is going all out these elections. After its East Coast delivery plan stunt, it has now jumped onto the "blank cheque" conversation with its latest Facebook post. The grilled chicken experts created its own blank cheque and urged consumers to comment on the post on a "PERi-PERi treat" they’d want to stand a chance at getting lucky.

nandos blank cheque

Meanwhile it also created a make-belief walkabout featuring its mascot to show the importance of its fans’ voices.

nandos walkabout

The brand has been on an election roll recently with its news jacking. Last week it jumped on board the East Coast conversation. Juleana Ng, marketing manager, Nando's Singapore said it believes in engaging topics that are relevant to its fans, and in doing so encourage more voices within the community. 

"When we respond or get involved in a conversation, it’s never been just for the sake of it – we make sure that it is relevant to Nando’s and to our consumers. We’re always up for a little fun but never put others down nor take ourselves too seriously. At the end of the day, Nando’s is a brand that fires up the soul and puts a smile on people’s faces. This in return gives us the opportunity to create and strengthen the emotional connection with our customers and build brand love," Ng said.

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