Nando's MY shows PERi-PERi love on social for TBWA\ as they split after 10 years

After ten years, Nando's Malaysia and TBWA's Creative Juice\\ have parted ways after a ten year long relationship. In a statement to A+M, marketing director Chai Hui Fung said the teams have always worked with Creative Juice\\ for creative-led work and Fishermen Integrated for social and digital duties respectively.

"With today's advertising being heavily digital-driven and content-focused, we realised there is an overlap of scope [between both agencies]. As such, we will now streamline [the duties] to one agency and will continue to work with Fishermen on a retainer basis," she said. She added that the South African restaurant chain is still open to working with other agencies on a project basis.

Meanwhile, the company also expressed its PERi-PERi love for the agency via a Facebook post, which began with "Words cannot express our gratitude for you. You have brought so many Malaysians' love to us with your cheeky lines and your quirky campaigns have won countless of awards."

Nando's also thanked Creative Juice\\ for sticking with them through the good and bad times. "We were an inseparable pair, like two peas in a pod, but most importantly, you were the PERi-PERi to our flamed grilled chickens," Nando's added in the statement. It also gave its best wishes to Creative Juice\\.

In a statement to A+M, TBWA's spokesperson said it has shared an incredible journey with Nando's over the last 10 years, and loved that the brand has been brave along the way - from the iconic "Di Sini Banyak Ayam" and "We deliver punchlines, no punches" to "Listen listen listen".

"We thank you for trusting us with your brand and look forward to seeing Nando's continue to playfully embed itself in local culture. Though we're mutually parting ways, we'll never stop killing chickens. Love from Creative Juice\\," the spokesperson added.

Over the 10 years, Creative Juice\\ was involved in campaigns including "The Secret Tale of the Might Mini PERi-PERi", "Meet the Boriaruddins", "#NandosExtraHuat", "Nando's Bulan BERi-BERI" and "Just Say Lah", as well as the creatives for the relaunch of Nando's SOGO outlet.

The restaurant chain has often won the hearts of Malaysians with its witty and relatable campaigns. Just last week, Nando's tickled consumers when it made use of the phrase "Can I advise you something" uttered by Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former Malaysia PM Najib Razak in an audio recording regarding the 1MDB scandal. Not one to shy away from trending online conversations, Nando's also chimed in when Domino's and Pizza Hut got into an online banter over a search engine result.

Meanwhile, the brand also took a dig at McDonald's Portuguese Chicken Burger last year, in a bid to reassert its claim over the PERi-PERi sauce. Chai told A+M previously that it is always up for a little fun but it never puts others down. "We're a brand that's content at laughing at ourselves and having fun," she added.

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