Moving Walls plans to accelerate automated OOH adoption

Media company Moving Walls and TPS Engage have entered a global partnership to accelerate the adoption of automated, audience-driven OOH (out-of-home) and place-based advertising. Under this partnership, Moving Walls Group’s supply-focused subsidiary, Location Media Xchange (LMX) will enable TPS Engage’s contextual OOH marketplace to provide advertisers with global access to an inventory of more than 30,000 screens across SEA and India.

The Moving Walls Group has a presence in seven markets including Singapore, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria and the United States while TPS Engage’s offices are spread across New York, Dubai, Seoul, and Bucharest.

With COVID-19 causing the outdoor advertising industries to face the brunt of the population lock down, stakeholders are now forced to start adopting data and technology platforms that help link media spends to outcomes. Through this partnership, both Moving Walls and TPS Engage that have technology platforms to support OOH automation, gain the potential to complement each other through their on-ground presence across different markets.

Both Moving Walls and TPS Engage acknowledge that OOH’s unique attributes mean that it cannot be traded just like another digital channel. As such, Moving Walls has recently established independent offerings for both the buy-side and the sell-side stakeholders. To brands and media agencies, it provides cloud-based planning and analytics for all forms of OOH media powered by a multi-sensor location data platform. Meanwhile, LMX works with the asset owners to equip them with inventory management and sales automation tools. Meanwhile, TPS Engage has a focus on enabling the contextual delivery of creatives on digital screens based on different rule sets in a scalable manner. This has attracted brands such as Samsung, Coca Cola, Uber Eats, and Burger King.

Srikanth Ramachandran, group CEO of Moving Walls said LMX was formed to enable media owners to connect to multiple demand-side partners while remaining in control of inventory allocation and pricing. He added that TPS Engage’s vision of making audience data-driven media buying and creative decisions for OOH possible aligned with the company’s own views. “This partnership will enable global brands to have a holistic view of offline audience engagement just like how they do it for their online channels,” Ramachandran explained.

Meanwhile, Bogdan Savonea, CEO of TPS engage said the company’s platform already provided access to “more than 100,000 contextual content-enabled screens across Europe, North America, and, more recently, in Asia” through its office in Seoul, South Korea. “As we work with global clients who have a presence across multiple Asian markets, it is only natural that we choose to partner with the largest supply-side technology provider in this region,” Bogdan added.

Separately, Moving Walls recently tied up with global mobile location data player Quadrant, allowing it to tap into the latter's location data across multiple markets. The partnership further built on Moving Walls’ efforts of strengthening the understanding of the audience at physical billboards, across geographical markets. Additionally, it also acquired adtech company Ahoy, combining its mobile advertising capabilities with Moving Walls’ OOH planning platform and LMX.

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