Mirabell backs new agency venture

Former JWT CEO Desmond So has unveiled his new agency venture, Uth Creative Group, launching its first major campaign for multi-brand footwear company Mirabell.

Uth Creative Group already has 20 staff under its roof and more are expected to follow soon.

So, managing consultant of Uth Creative Group, told Marketing the agency was growing quicker than expected and said he is already looking for a bigger office space.

It’s first work for Mirabelle will run largely in print and online and has received coverage from many of the mass fashion titles.

Mirabell, now with 40 retail outlets in Hong Kong, carries a number of brands including Florsheim, Timberland, Creative Recreation and Hush Puppies.

Uth Creative Group, formed with a number of silent partners, will focus on branding and not just advertising. So said there was a lot of hunger in the market for a wider marketing offering.

“We are brand consultancy, rather than just an advertising agency,” he said. “Our aim is to help brands stay young.”

So added there are a number of potential clients in the wings, but was unable to expand on the details.

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