Ministry of Health on the hunt for media partner

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has called for a tender to engage the services of a media buying agency to conduct all media buying and planning for the first anniversary of Medishield Life. This includes platforms such as Channel News Asia, Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U, Suria and Vasantham.

Last year, to help pioneers better understand the intricacies of Medishield Life, the Pioneer Generation Taskforce worked with Tribal Worldwide Singapore and local award-winning director Royston Tan to create a series of music videos based on iconic songs that Pioneers and younger audiences can relate to.

The songs were specially written in the three main dialects in Singapore – Hokkien, Cantonese and Teochew to help dialect-speaking Pioneers better understand the key messages behind Medishield Life and its benefits. The spot was also launched in anticipation of Seventh Month celebrations since many Pioneers are avid getai-goers. As such, the music videos were crafted to take on a flamboyant and distinct style to suit the occasion.

Watch one of the videos here:



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