MINI launches virtual reality campaign globally

MINI has launched two new 360° short films on Facebook. This is a unique experience that puts the user right in the middle of the story. The campaign is said to be it is one of the first virtual reality campaigns to use a cinematic narrative.

The films were created by the Berlin creative agency KKLD*, also responsible for the global campaign concept that spans across several digital channels. The two six-minute short films “Real Memories” and “Backwater” can be watched on Facebook with the newest 360 video feature. Smartphone users on the Android can pan with their device or drag the video with their finger. Desktop users are able to drag the video with the cursor.

Take a look at the films:


The films are promoted via pre-roll ads and on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get the full immersive experience, the users can order one of the 140,000 free MINI VR Cardboard Viewers online or at point of sale. These cinematic short films can be also watched on Android and iOS, as well as Google Chrome or Firefox for desktop and will be soon available on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

Additionally, the campaign website hosts film trailers, a making of video and short behind- the-scenes-style videos that show the actors discovering features of MINI Connected, MINI’s inventive in-car entertainment system.

“Virtual Reality is the perfect platform for creative storytelling. To date, virtual reality has been used as an innovative tool to share snapshot experiences. MINI has brought the traditional cinematic genre to VR.” said Stephan Lämmermann, chief technology officer at KKLD*.

“We are not only talking to the tech savvy crowd, virtual reality is available on smartphones and now on Facebook, giving it a broad audience and delivering high quality content that viewers expect from a brand.”

The films were shot in Barcelona using a custom Red Epic Dragon camera rig with nine cameras and a combined resolution of 14K. The in-car scenes were shot with a custom GoPro rig featuring seven cameras.

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