Mercedes-Benz and BBDO Malaysia create masterpieces for the new E-Class

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has launched its 10th generation E-Class, a luxury sedan that combines technology with art and sophistication. BBDO Malaysia and production houses Studio 20 Twelve and Graph Studio were involved in the campaign.

Titled “The Masterpieces of a Masterpiece”, the campaign features a series of artworks, known as “Masterpiece of Intelligence”, which were created through the use of long-light exposure techniques. Stunt drivers drifted in the dark while the artworks were being shot with the use of cranes and flame resistant gear.

In a statement to A+M, a spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz said the E-Class needed to be reintroduced to Malaysians as it has been around for over a year ad that the brand was facing a declining relevance with younger Malaysian consumers. Hence, it aimed to get potential owners excited about the car’s features via photographs and videos on social media, primarily Facebook.

“The E-Class is a Masterpiece in its segment – a perfect combination of logic and emotion. In light of that, we wanted to do something that’s more than just a regular car ad; something that evokes emotion. Every piece of artwork was created using the car, showing off its features. This was a collaborative effort between agency and client, and what started off as a film transcended into a showcase of art,” Lay Jian Yi, creative director at BBDO Malaysia, said.

Campaign Credits
General Manager: Farrah Harith McPherson
Business Director: Andrea Ma
Executive Creative Director: VJ Anand
Creative Director: Lay Jian Yi, Lee Tak Shune
Art Director: Talita Mutiara
Copywriter: Niamh Spurr
Associate Account Director: Vanessa Gan
Account Executive: Moses Wee
Producer: Zyra Khirudin
Photographer: Loh Lin Shan
Production: Studio 20 Twelve

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