Mentos Creates A National Level Exam

In a twist on the nation's intense studying culture, candy brand Mentos has created its own exam, 'the M-Levels', to promote its new flavour 'Mintensity' and put the fun back into studying.

Created by BBH Asia-Pacific, the 'M-Levels', like Mintensity's four increasing levels of mint intensity, is divided into four increasingly intense sections with questions such as: "The MRT is an acronym for mass rapid transit. Please think of something more amusing that MRT could stand for."

The exam runs on Mentos' Facebook page.

The papers will be graded on the creativity of answers, with the top scoring student winning fame ­as the official posterchild for the campaign and an entire year's supply of Mintensity.

Other campaigns BBH has launched with Mentos include its National Night Rap, a cheeky rap song encouraging locals to "do their duty" for National Day and get frisky to boost the nation's flagging birth rates.