LOOK Hollywood puts spotlight on McDonald's founder and brand story

Joining the likes of The Social Network which chronicles the early formation days of social media powerhouse Facebook is none other than fast food conglomerate McDonald's as it gets its own biopic featuring its founder, Ray Kroc.

Loaded with imagery showcasing its signature golden arches, the film is set to show the journey of the brand. The film stars acting heavy weight Michael Keaton who has gained critical acclaim from movies such as Birdman and most recently Spotlight. 

According to director John Lee Hancock, in a statement given to The New York Times, McDonald’s “has made no attempt to interfere with The Founder” which would risk a higher promotion of the film. McDonald's is known to be protective over its intellectual property, showing in various lawsuits since the 1960s, a prominent one being the Norman McDonald's Country Drive-Inn suit which saw the misuse of its golden arches.

Watch the trailer for The Founder here:



The movie will premiere in August this year in US. Will you be catching the movie?