LOOK OOH campaign changes image based on the weather

Disney, in partnership with media agency m/six and OOH media owner Clear Channel, has executed a campaign where OOH creatives change in real-time based on the weather.

The campaign for Inside Out has currently launched across all media channels and platforms. In order to feature the hilarious characters at their best and localise the campaign for Singapore audiences, Disney’s media agency partner m/six leveraged on Singaporean’s hate for the weather for the campaign.

With a takeover of Clear Channel’s Play network of 30 digital panels in the CBD area, m/six worked closely with Clear Channel to develop a program that pulls live weather feeds from the National Environment Agency website. Each of the five characters is associated with three sets of copy: rainy weather, sunny weather, and a generic statement typical to their character (in case the weather is in-between).

When the NEA weather reading indicates ‘rain’ within certain parameters, the creative copy switches to the rainy weather set. When it’s sunny and the temperature rises above 30°C, the program switches to display the sunny weather set of creatives.


Take a look at the campaign:


Rachel Fong, marketing manager of Walt Disney Studios Singapore, said “We wanted a platform that will vividly showcase the Inside Out emotions reacting in different situations. Play network provides the perfect solution, and we’re excited to see consumer reactions and look forward to more innovations on this platform.”

Jamie Lewin, head of Strategy for m/six Asia Pacific, said added that it was “exciting to challenge the convention of the format, and bring the dynamism of digital to a traditional yet impactful medium.”

Kelly Khoo, CEO of Clear Channel Singapore, commented “The technology that powers today’s digital Out-of-Home can be used to create truly innovative campaigns. Play delivers creativity that responds to the environment. Our offering for Inside Out lends a new perspective to immediacy. Our creative use of technology allows the animated characters to be brought to life, triggered by the right conditions, like the weather.”