LOOK Changi Airport gets gold for speedy reaction to Joseph Schooling's big win

Joseph Schooling has brought glory to Singapore with the nation's first-ever Olympic gold medal.

One brands that was quick to embrace this was Changi Airport. Check out how the world's leading airport congratulated the world's leading swimmer.

In an hour, the post received over 3k  likes and over 400 shares.

"We're proud to share the joy of the nation in celebrating Joseph Schooling's Olympic feat winning Singapore's first ever gold in the Olympics. His dream and success encourage us all to do our best in making our mark on the world map," Ivan Tan, SVP of corporate and marketing communications at Changi Airport told Marketing.

Changi Airport works with local agency Goodstuph for its social media executions.

Goodstuph beat out more than a handful of other competitors during the one and a half months evaluation process starting October 2015 and took on the account earlier this year. The agency provides strategic counsel regarding social media marketing that covers three main social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for Changi Airport.