LOOK This brand wants you to have a snoozefest watching its videos

Mattress providers Dunlopillo, in partnership with Geometry Global Malaysia, has re-purposed its most detailed, technical product videos to create a series of sleep aids.

The “BoredCast” series has been created in response to the 81% of Malaysians who claim they do not get enough sleep at night. This is a significant concern, as studies have shown lack of sleep can lead to a number of issues including poor productivity, health complaints and the breakdown of work and personal relationships.

With smartphones on hand, the temptation for troubled sleepers to pass the time during the wee hours on social media is strong. Dunlopillo and Geometry Global saw the opportunity to reach these troubled sleepers at that pivotal moment when they are thinking about quality of sleep.

With this in mind, the BoredCast campaign repurposed technical videos into sleep inducing content. Dunlopillo has a database of product videos explaining everything from latex technology to spinal health to mattress firmness, all of which are highly detailed and well… a little dull.

These videos were posted on Facebook from 11pm to 5am, peak times for insomniacs looking to distract themselves on social media.

Views went from 400 to over 325,000 in under two weeks, hitting 65% of the targeted audience of sleepless people. In addition, the campaign aimed to identify troubled sleepers who could benefit from a new bed. Those who watched the videos would see a follow-up post the next morning with information on the Dunlopillo range and how a better bed can improve their quality of sleep.