LOOK Biodegradable ang pows spread the blessing this CNY

For Chinese New Year this year, APD, a digital agency, helped to create "plant-a-blessing" red packets for Maxis. These are special red packets made from plantable seed paper.

Each ang pow (red packet) has been designed with a space for the giver to write a personal wish or blessing that the receiver can nurture and grow in the year ahead. The receiver can plant the ang pow in soil and water it while it sprouts into a flowering plant.

The insight behind this was to grow the ang pows instead of throwing them away, thus reducing litter.

APD also created a short film with a different take on how wealth can be "grown". The video called “The money grandma owes me”, features a young boy who learns that the most special gifts are actually those gifts that money cannot buy.

"Sometimes we focus too much on the money inside an ang pow, and less so on the spirit of giving, of wishing happiness to those we love. This year, we thought these ang pows could help remind people that wealthy are we who receive gifts that money cannot buy,” said Sulin Lau, head of marketing services, Maxis.