Little Steps creates big footprint

Founded in 2010, Hong Kong-based parenting website, Little Steps, taps into the fourth market, Jakarta, after setting up shop in Singapore in 2011 and Bali in 2012.

As a website dedicated for parents living in and travelling to Asia, Little Steps has local contributors and staff scouring the city’s best-kept secrets and parenting tips such as changing locations in malls, which restaurants offer booster seats, family outing destinations and cultural tidbits.

“In every city, we have contributors who are locals, expats and from different cultural and socio backgrounds: we speak to a diverse group of moms and dads, which is what we keep in mind always,” said Amie Hibbard, CEO and co-founder of Little Steps.

But a pan-Asia success in merely three years needs more than word of mouth: when the website first launched, it partnered up with Luxe City Guides to make a Little Luxe Guides, reporting on the prestigious hotels, restaurants, outings that are relevant to families.

Aside from promotions on social media --- such as website, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter, Hibbard and her partner are also a part of Social Media Week, where they have launched one-time campaigns like Facebook video contests, photo-taking competitions, lunch gatherings that explore topics such as how parents engage in social media and mom bloggers, to name but a few.

Last year, they even organised a flash mob where parents and children were invited down to the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour to show off their moves to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

“Marketing is a big thing for us: we have the Luxe Guide partnership, we get our voice out often with various social events and what not. And seeing dads with babies strapped to their chest dancing was just absolutely hilarious,” said Hibbard.

Aside from collaborations, Hibbard added that its revenue has become steady, drawing in big-named clients from almost every industry: from the likes of Parkview to Ralph Lauren, or Westin to British Airways.