KitKat's #bendgate tweet trumps Oreo's Super-Bowl move

KitKat has outshone Oreo with its latest #Bendgate stunt. Oreo has long been lauded for its Dunk in the Dark tweet in February during a 2013 Super Bowl blackout . (The latter has, till date, over 15.7K retweets and 6K favourites).

A quick check by Marketing showed that KitKat currently has over 27.7k retweets and 13k favourites of its Bendgate tweet.

In an article by Adweek, sources told the publication that KitKat will also be pushing further to amplify the tweets by running Promoted Tweets. The article also reports that within the first 10 minutes of the tweet, the message was retweeted 100 times while within the next hour it had 1,000 retweets.

Check the two out and tell us which you prefer.

Earlier this year, while Facebook was working hard at fixing a bit of a technical glitch with its site crashing, the marketers at KitKat were hard at work and were doing anything but taking a break. Here’s a tweet the brand just sent out.