‘Keep going. Keep growing.’ Chapter 4: Tinkle Arts and VaynerMedia test and tweak to see 1900% rise in sales

This article was done in collaboration with Facebook.

Over the past week through our collaboration with Facebook on the ‘Keep going. Keep growing.’ Program, we’ve seen the important role agencies can play in helping SMBs survive and thrive through difficult times.

According to a recent Facebook study focused on SMBs, it was uncovered that SMBs globally are all facing similar issues as operations continue to face lower sales. In response to a decline in sales and cash flows, 30% of operating SMBs also had to reduce their workforces. Women-led SMBs were consistently harder hit than their men-led counterparts, likely as a result of their concentration in the most impacted sectors. Women-led SMBs were on average six percentage points more likely to be closed globally. 

While Tinkle Arts, an SMB run by female entrepreneur Charlene Chan, was able to survive through the turbulent time through its partnership with VaynerMedia, Chan was quick to add that there is a fair bit of room for collaboration between the marketing industry and SMBs. 

For example, reaching the local and global marketplace is often a top-of-mind concern for SMBs such as Tinkle Arts. Increasing the revenue through sales, boosting the profile of the business through digital marketing, and fostering partnerships with other brands and organisations are areas many SMBs still need help in, she shared.

“Marketing professionals can help to support, and lend their guidance and tactics to help us to overcome challenges,” she said. 

Tinkle Arts worked closely with VaynerMedia to help turbo-charge its digital marketing initiatives. Working with VaynerMedia, Tinkle Arts learnt to boost its sales of handmade products, and awareness of the company by auditing Tinkle Arts’ audience behaviour to see what drives engagement and resonates with audiences. The team at VaynerMedia also dug deep into Tinkle Arts’ values and translated this into easily digestible messaging for consumers. 

Banking on the festive period towards the end of the year, the VaynerMedia team launched ad creatives and carousels that further built engagement, reached new audiences, and drove conversions. In addition to setting up the conversion campaign, the team also set up a traffic campaign to further push users down the funnel to the conversion stage. This also directed consumers to the website, growing the website visitors and audience pool. 

Once the campaign started running, the team tweaked the campaign as it wanted to ensure ads were targeted to those truly interested in Tinkle Arts’ products and ensure budgets were optimised and sales were generated. Custom audiences were also created to run lookalike campaigns and re-target consumers who might have added products to the cart, but did not complete the conversion.

While many SMBs might be inclined to think that any new campaign requires extensive man hours in creating new creative assets, the team at VaynerMedia ran Tinkle Arts’ campaigns by repurposing older campaign collaterals. 

All in all, the campaign saw more than SG$17,000 in revenue generated, and a sales revenue increase of up to 1,900% compared with the previous period.  Meanwhile, store sessions increased over 1,000%, the numbers of orders increased more than up to 1,800%, and the campaign produced a staggering reach of 280,000. Tinkle Arts’ Facebook page also saw an increase in views, likes and followers during the campaign period which suggests the campaign also grew its Facebook community.

“The response was really amazing and the orders kept coming in because of the ads done,” said Chan, who shared that over just a couple of days, over 300 parcels were sent out.

“The notifications just kept coming and the teams were more than happy to come back to the office to pack the goods and disseminate to consumers in a timely manner. I was really amazed at the response to the ads. Even though we sold out on some items, customers were happy to wait and pre-order.” 

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