‘Keep going. Keep growing.’ Chapter 4: Four Seasons Teahouse sees massive increase in engagement driven by these simple steps

This article was done in collaboration with Facebook.

The success of SMBs is vital to Hong Kong’s economy given they make up a large portion of businesses in Hong Kong. Knowing this, over the past few months, we collaborated with Facebook on the ‘Keep going. Keep growing.’ program to highlight the role the advertising community can play in ensuring the survival of SMBs in Hong Kong. 

One SMB which pivoted during this tough time was Four Seasons Teahouse which provides wellness services. Its core target audience is largely made up of female customers aged between 20 to 60 years old, and have a keen interest in areas such as health food, lifestyle and tea products. 

We spoke to founder Vicky Lau and her brother and business development manager Danny Lau who grew the business’ Facebook page from being just a channel of communications to a revenue generating one, and one where a holistic customer experience is provided. 

Working with SMB-focused agency, Chalkapoint, which prides itself in creating effective advertising solutions, Four Seasons Teahouse rolled out eight ads on Facebook, featuring its products in video format instead of just still images. The brand also learnt to place ads effectively on Facebook, something it had never ventured into despite boasting a following of over 20,000. Embedding Facebook Pixel tracking onto its website also allowed the SMB brand to ensure proper attribution. 

“We received positive feedback and comments from customers directly via Facebook posts, but more importantly we gained new customers through the ads,” said Vicky Lau. Both Vicky Lau and Danny Lau also shared that videos with concise text offered the company a greater impact than its usual practice of posting simple product images. 

During the campaign period, Four Seasons Teahouse gained 1,486 page views, 95 page likes, 122 page followers, as well as 13,600 post engagement. Understanding that their customers preferred reading a post with videos, Four Seasons Teahouse will also allocate more spend on producing similar content, said the duo. 

“I would like to thank Facebook for the experience as we lacked the education around ad placements in the past. With more engagement on Facebook, we are now receiving more orders via online and offline channels, and even our online-to-offline platforms. These orders were mainly from new customers who are crucial for us to grow our business,” commented both Vicky Lau and Danny Lau. 

Chloe Chan, director of Chalkapoint, added that there were numerous reasons contributing to Four Seasons Teahouse’s growth and results. She added that beyond conversion campaigns, SMB brands can also consider setting up a traffic campaign to increase engagement. This needs to however be monitored closely to ensure the right tweaks are made to the campaign in real time to reach the right audience segments and optimise spend on the platform to generate sales as efficiently as possible. 

“Brands can conduct re-marketing to target customers who viewed or added a product to the cart but did not purchase,” Chan said. This can also be done using similar audiences based on Facebook visitors, or by engaging users at different stages of their purchase process.

Looking ahead, specifically for Four Seasons Teahouse, Chan shares that the brand should continue placing ads on Facebook to drive traffic. Beyond traffic campaigns, as the Hong Kong market starts to slowly open up, Four Seasons Teahouse can also arrange food tasting to provide an added experience to customers and draw their attention. 

Banking on customer advocates, she suggests that the brand should consider inviting customers to provide their positive experiences and feedback to the greater Four Seasons Teahouse community to build and grow the trust and presence of the brand. With the rise of influencer marketing and KOL marketing in Hong Kong, Chan said working with such personalities can also come in handy for Four Seasons Teahouse to reach audiences that might not yet be aware of its services and effectively increase exposure. 

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