Indiegogo launches programme for Chinese innovators

Indiegogo has introduced the 'China Global Fast-Track Program', which is designed to help Chinese innovators get funding and build a brand faster. The new fast-track programme will provide international marketing expertise, such as crowdfunding strategy, product direction and positioning, as well as access to Indiegogo's network of service providers (including agencies) and Chinese-language strategy consultations.

Indiegogo has already provided unique resources and support to China-based entrepreneurs since the debut of its China pilot program in 2015, and since then, Chinese projects have raised more than US$100 million in funding from across the world.

Crazybaby, for example, a leading China-based tech company, ran three successful campaigns on Indiegogo, leveraging its marketing support and network of millions to raise more than $4 million for its business.

“After comparing many options, we decided to work with Indiegogo to launch a global brand, said Allen Zang, Founder and CEO of Crazybaby. “Indiegogo has team members in China and North America to support your product launch. They respect entrepreneurs from China and other areas in Asia, and provide many resources early on.”

Indiegogo’s CEO, Dave Mandelbrot, will be in Shenzhen, China, this week attending the Official Indiegogo China Launch Summit to announce the program along with partners and sponsors, including MAXMOBO, Sevens 赛文思, Versa Inc., and LeMore Lab.

Here's what the programme entails, from their blog post:

  • International Marketing Expertise. From brand positioning to choosing the right product price point, Indiegogo is dedicated to making China-based innovations appeal to customers in the U.S. and other western markets. For Lihua Yang, CEO of Chuwi, Indiegogo’s experts played a key role in helping the company launch their global brand with confidence. “The Indiegogo China team provided suggestions on crowdfunding strategy, product direction, and product positioning to help us launch a global brand,” says Yang.
  • The Largest Network of Service Providers. Through the China Program, innovators can connect to Indiegogo’s network of more than 65 agencies and service providers, which includes some of America’s largest retail channels and marketing firms.
  • Chinese-Language Strategy Consultations. Language barriers can be detrimental when building a global brand. Indiegogo’s bilingual staff specialises in identifying and successfully translating brand strengths from Chinese to English, making communication with western markets easier.