iMedia hands out RM500,000 worth free advertising to businesses

Digital media and social influencer marketing company iMedia has launched an initiative named #BinaBersama, to help small local businesses affected by the global pandemic. Under this initiative, it will be giving out RM500,000 in media inventory to selected businesses. 

#BinaBersama aims to help businesses by providing business owners – those who have seen their income reduced tremendously – free advertising through iMedia’s portfolio of brands. The participating platforms include Oh! Media, a local Malay language social news portal with 1.5m unique visitors to its site and 3.6m followers on Facebook, Goody25, a Chinese language social lifestyle portal with 1.4m unique visitors to its site and 450,000 followers on Facebook, and also ITTIFY, a social influencer platform that houses over 6,000 Malaysian influencers.

This initiative comes in conjunction with MDEC’s launch of the SME digital summit, targeted at helping local business entrepreneurs to learn about the current situation for Malaysia's business climate and economy. The summit end on 13 August, and is held through video-conferencing platform Zoom. In a statement to A+M, it was told that the company would be promoting this project through its own digital assets, including the websites of Oh! Media, Goody25, and also through selected KOLs from its social influencer business, Ittify. Apart from that, the project would also mentioned during the summit, as well marketed by industry publications to help push the awareness of this project.

The businesses selected to be part of this scheme will receive an allocated amount to be determined by iMedia. #BinaBersama plans to kick-off in August 2020 and ends when all RM500,000 worth of media value is spent, according to the company’s press statement. iMedia added that selection criteria for this scheme included annual sales turnover not exceeding RM1,000,000, and disclosed that it would be selecting a total of six to seven businesses, each to receive between RM70,000 to RM85,000.

Voon Tze Khay (pictured second from right), CEO and co-founder of iMedia said the company firmly believed that as a digital media company that engaged with millions of consumers monthly, iMedia had the ability to help these businesses on the advertising and communication front to gain more awareness that they needed. “Our #BinaBersama campaign is an effort to help small local businesses to get their promotions and products advertised in the proper channels and in hope to kick-start their businesses again,” Voon added.

iMedia was launched this year, in which it also acquired majority stakes in Oh Media and Ittify. Additionally, iMedia also signed exclusive advertising representation agreements with Goody Technologies, the owner and publisher of Goody25, and Newswav, owner and publisher of the Newswav app. With the acquisitions and exclusive advertising representations, iMedia said it now had a nationwide reach of more than eight million Malaysians.

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