Humans and aliens collide in Grab Indonesia's space-themed Ramadan ad

Grab Indonesia has unveiled a space-themed ad in line with Ramadan. The ad, which runs for over two minutes, features a four-member crew on a spaceship venturing in space during Ramadan. The ship is then hijacked by aliens, who take away all their resources such as food, transport, and groceries. Left in despair after the aliens left the ship empty, one of the crew members then produced a button with the word "Grab" on it. With a push of the button, all the ship's resources were instantaneously replaced with Grab's various services such as Grab Mart, Grab Food, Grab Express, and Grab's ride-hailing services. 

The ad then ends on a cliff-hanger, where the captain of the ship hints at a plot to get back at the aliens that invaded their ships. Grab closed the ad by telling teasing viewers to look forward to the next story to find out what the captain has up his sleeves. The ad garnered 808,054 views on Grab Indonesia's YouTube channel at the time of writing. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has also reached out Grab for additional information about the campaign. 

While "shooting" its ad in space is new to Grab, the idea of Grab's services bringing convenience to consumers during a festive period is not. For Chinese New Year last year, Grab Malaysia unveiled a short film "The Art of Tai Chi". The three-minute film features a Chinese family that is preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations. The mother in the film orders the other family members to run some errands, but these errands are deflected and land on "Little Bro", the youngest member of the family. Little Bro eventually learnt the art of Tai Chi (a type of Chinese martial arts) and deflects all the tasks to the Grab app, which helped the character get all the chores done instantly with its various services. 

The ad was a part of Grab Malaysia's Chinese New Year campaign titled "Huatever You Want, Grab Got”, which was done in collaboration with Malaysian advertising agency Fisherman Integrated, and aims to showcase the versatility of the Grab app.

Along the same idea of convenience, Grab Malaysia's Hari Raya ad in 2019 aimed to demonstrate how, with its array of services, Grab can help people ease through their Raya preparations and save time in order to spend it with their loved ones. The film featured a time traveller who goes back in time – Back to the Future style – to the three popular ads to help resolve some of the “crises” the characters encounter. The time traveller then intervenes with various Grab services such as GrabCar, GrabPay, and GrabFood, and helps the characters overcome their obstacles.

“We saw that a common theme among Raya ads are crisis that affect families and celebration, and found ourselves in best position to parody iconic Raya ads by giving them the Grab twist or fix and in return a faster or better resolution for the characters and their families,” Grab said previously.

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