Huawei MY hunts for marketing director to manage cloud and AI biz

Huawei is on the search for a marketing director to manage its cloud and AI business group in Malaysia. The ideal candidate will be responsible leading an effective marketing strategy to propel company growth. According to the job post on LinkedIn, the individual will work cross-functionally to understand marketing needs, act as the company's cloud and AI business group brand ambassador to external sources, and drive revenue growth through successful marketing campaigns.

Among the list of responsibilities also include analysing and tracking performance marketing metrics, collaborating with internal and external clients and partners, managing marketing budget and showing project ROI, as well as driving new customer acquisition combining both brand and tactical campaigns. The ideal candidate is expected to have eight to 10 years of relevant experience in brand communications and/or marketing.

Earlier this year, the brand unveiled its Huawei ASEAN Academy, a training module that looks to empower digital talent in Malaysia. It is also investing RM3 million, which will be spread across various businesses and technology sectors, and plans to offer more than 3,000 information and communications courses. Huawei also intends to groom 50,000 Malaysian talents over the next five years. The academy aims to address pain points of the country’s talent gap within the three core pillars, namely ICT industry trend guidance, ecosystem talent enablement, and skill improvement.

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Photo courtesy: 123RF