Huawei MY invests RM3m in ASEAN academy with focus on ICT training

Huawei Malaysia has launched its Huawei ASEAN Academy, a training module that looks to empower digital talent in Malaysia. It is looking to invest RM3 million, which will be spread across various businesses and technology sectors. It also aims to provide more than 3,000 information and communications (ICT) courses, and groom 50,000 Malaysian talents over the next five years.

The academy’s ICT training programs and courses are designed to target government bodies, industry professionals and university students. It will implement educational methods such as scenario-based and online live training, and overseas study tours. The academy will also provide multi-dimensional solutions for different types of talent and levels of need to ensure that these solutions effectively match the current talent gaps for enterprises. 

The academy aims to address pain points of the country’s talent gap within the three core pillars, namely ICT industry trend guidance, ecosystem talent enablement, and skill improvement. The academy is also said to use technology as a key enabler in skills and talent development to provide a solid foundation for the country’s digital economy.

Saifuddin Abdullah, minister of communications and multimedia, said the Huawei ASEAN Academy, being the first in APAC region focused on ICT development, will be used to develop local talent to ensure they are well-equipped with the proper ICT knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing globalisation landscape. "The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia and Huawei have had a long collaborative relationship in ICT since 2001 when Huawei Technologies was first established, we hope to have more successful collaborations in the future between both parties to steer digital economy in the right path,” he added. 

Michael Yuan, CEO of Huawei Malaysia, said the training and programmes provided by the academy will empower local talents to be future-ready and aid in accelerating the country’s digital transformation journey. “As we all adapt to this new normal of social distancing, the importance of having a strong digital network and infrastructure is more obvious now than ever. The backbone of a strong digital network and infrastructure still remains with the people that build and maintain such services for Malaysians to enjoy," Yuan added.

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Huawei Malaysia has collaborated with private and public higher learning institutions, government agencies and state governments to develop the digital economy of Malaysia since 2011. Last year, it tied up with the Sarawak state government to transform the Centre of Technical Excellence into a digital academy in Sarawak. In 2017, the company and Sarawak state government also collaborated to boost ICT talent by running a Sarawak Digital Youth Talent Development Program in which 200 students graduated as Huawei-certified trainees. 

Separately, Huawei Technologies Malaysia partnered with Celcom Axiata last year to deploy Celcom’s 5G Innovation Hub at the Celcom headquarters, @celcom. The collaboration entailed the realisation of a 5G Innovation Hub at Celcom Axiata’s Centre of Excellence, which will be an opportunity for business partners, technology developers, academia and industry players to experience the agile deployment of new 5G verticals and 5G use cases. It will also enable Celcom to test the new 5G network performance and functionality, further benefitting vertical industries and speeding up the 5G adoption rate in Malaysia.

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