Huawei attempts to change brand perception in Malaysia

Global technology giant Huawei is partnering up with Malaysia’s largest media platform, Media Prima Television Networks to embark on a comprehensive brand partnership. The partnership looks to inject a local personality for the brand.

Through the campaign the brand aims to change its perception from being a global Chinese company to a brand that Malaysians can truly identify with.

Through this collaboration, Huawei kicked off a unique brand campaign, ‘Huawei Best Wei’, playing on a commonly-used local expression. Conceptualised by Media Prima Television Networks, the campaign integrates a broad array of creative content, local talents, media platforms and touchpoints to strengthen Huawei’s local association and engagement with the target audiences.

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Danny Chin, marketing director of Consumer Business Group, Huawei Technologies Malaysia said Malaysia is an important market for Huawei and it hopes to provide more beyond innovation and technology to meet the diverse lifestyle needs of consumers.

"Huawei is a brand not just for one market segment but for individuals from each and every segment. With our content partners, Media Prima Television Network, we found that a localisation strategy was truly an effective way to leave a mark and build a strong association with the Malay audience,” Chin said.

“Global brands are investing in localisation to maximise revenues across markets. A successful strategy largely depends on how well companies understand the local audiences, and subsequently how relatable is the adaptation and integration. It is a clever move on Huawei’s part as the collaboration immediately allows them to tap on Media Prima Television Networks’ years of Malay market leadership and insights for effective localisation,” said Ahmad Izham Omar, CEO of Television Networks, Media Prima Berhad.