How Energy Market Authority is demystifying complex terms for the next gen

Energy Market Authority (EMA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, has launched a three-part video series on the Singapore Energy Story and its “four switches” - solar, natural gas, regional power grids and low-carbon alternatives.

Titled “The Future of Energy by The Future of Singapore” and done in collaboration with Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the series features the younger generation and shows how the four switches can power a more sustainable energy future. The videos break down some complex and technical terms into easy-to-digest bites of information, with colourful illustrations and handwritten letters that add to the charm of the series and make the content less intimidating for all ages to understand.

The first video was launched on EMA’s official website, Facebook and Instagram pages, while the remaining two videos covering natural gas, and regional power grids and low-carbon alternatives will be released over the coming months. This series comes as part of a larger six-month campaign, “Beyond The Current”, serving to educate and engage Singaporeans on the nation's Energy Story. In addition to encouraging energy-efficient practices, EMA invites Singaporeans to join the conversation and co-create energy solutions to collectively shape the country's energy future.

Juliana Chow, corporate communications director at EMA, said with the challenges of climate change, the company was harnessing the four switches to guide and transform its energy supply. ‘We hope this series inspires all Singaporeans to learn more about what our energy future could look like and join us in delivering new opportunities and possibilities," Chow added.

Benson Toh, creative director at Tribal Worldwide Singapore, said the topic of energy and resources could be complex and technical at times, adding that the company’s goal was to explain the concepts in layman's terms and make the content accessible to everyone. “The kids bring infectious energy and childlike curiosity that inspire viewers to want to find out more," Toh added.

EMA appointed creative agency Tribal Worldwide for a six-month long brand campaign in January this year, seeking to engage Singaporeans and explain more about the energy industry. The creative partnership kicked off with a brand film titled Life 24/7, followed by a content series published on EMA’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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