SG Energy Market Authority draws focus to energy efficiency in latest campaign

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has launched a campaign titled "Beyond the Current" to raise awareness of Singapore’s Energy Story, and to invite Singaporeans to do their part for a more sustainable energy future. Done in partnership with Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the six-month long campaign is part of EMA’s efforts to educate Singaporeans on ways to tackle various energy challenges for Singapore through the "four switches": solar, natural gas, regional power grids and low-carbon alternatives.

The campaign includes an 80-second film featuring children learning about climate change and encouraging their parents to switch to more energy-efficient alternatives, such as switching on the fan instead of an air-conditioner. The film will run on EMA's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, as well as its YouTube channel. It has also adapted the film to versions with different duration, namely 15 seconds, 20 seconds, and 60 seconds.

The film sets to prompt audiences into thinking beyond the present energy landscape. Additionally, EMA has created a dedicated website for the campaign, where Singaporeans can also find out more about Singapore’s energy story. A series of educational content will also be featured on EMA’s Facebook and Instagram pages to share the challenges and opportunities that the "four switches" and energy efficiency bring. EMA encourages Singaporeans to play a part by providing their views and suggestions on how they can collectively shape Singapore’s energy future together. Marketing has reached out for additional information.

Juliana Chow, corporate communications director at EMA, said it hopes the campaign will inspire Singaporeans to join the conversation and co-create solutions for the nation. “Singapore’s energy sector has come a long way over the past 50 years. With climate change, it now faces many new challenges. Beyond that, it also brings about many new opportunities and possibilities that we can tap on from the various technological advancements and evolving energy trends," Chow added.

Benson Toh, creative director at Tribal Worldwide Singapore, said it chose to cast children in the film because it helps capture the hearts of its target audience, and also emphasises that everyone, including younger generations, has a part to play in safeguarding Singapore’s energy future.

The campaign follows Tribal Worldwide Singapore's appointment for a brand campaign with EMA that seeks to engage Singaporeans and explain more about the energy industry. The partnership started in January, and was kicked off with a brand film titled "Life 24/7", followed by a content series published on EMA’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The series set out to help Singaporeans understand the role of EMA, what it does and how its work matters to them. The content plan also included tips on how the public can do their part to be energy efficient. 

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Tribal Worldwide Singapore has most recently made headlines during the circuit breaker period in Singapore as well by creating a cheeky website titled "I am a CCB (community circuit breaker)". The website is a one-stop resource hub where Singaporeans can get the latest news, the best shopping deals, a comprehensive list of things to do, and more while staying at home. Additionally, the creative agency also wrote PUB's latest film "The Frog Prince", which was released in line with the Chinese festival Qing Ming. The 10-minute film aims to bring the highlight the virtue of honouring one's parents, and reflect the spirit of remembrance- which is the essence of the Qing Ming festival.

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