How brands hijacked Luis Suarez's World Cup bite

While the Luis Suárez “biting” incident is occupying the news, there's no surprise brands are scrambling to get aboard the buzz train with real-time tweets and Facebook posts. And the winners would be those who react the quickest, and the funniest.

This Listerine Facebook post comes with a tagline: If you want a powerful bite, be aware of your oral health.


A simple "teeth bottle opener" image has earned Bud Light more than 900 retweets and 1000 favourites so far.

A bit primitive, but direct enough.

This vampire joke gets mostly negative comments.

And the winner goes to McDonald's, and its simplest tweet: Hi @ luis16suarez, if you are hungry, come to take a bite at a BigMac(translated). This simple line has garnered more than 64,000 retweet and 23,900 favourites so far.