Havas Media looks at Malaysian Millennials through a new lens

Havas Media Malaysia has unveiled the first edition of its new book series THE LENS, featuring a deep dive into the hearts and minds of the Malaysian Millennials. The local study was part of a larger Asia Pacific effort by Havas Media Group to study and understand each country's Millennials in their own environment.

Published in THE LENS are seven Codes that drive and shape the life of Malaysian Millennials. They provide "unique insights" into the life of Malaysian Millennials, revealing their deepest secrets, needs and wants.

The codes are:
Code 1 - Meta me: identity and the greater self of the Asian Millennial.
Code 2 - Take pride in passions over profession: purpose and fulfillment over life choices.
Code 3 - Negotiate life: engaging authority figures in the Millennial pursuit of happiness .
Code 4 - Into the comfort zone: exploration for motivation.
Code 5 - For squad eyes only: ways of expression across platforms.
Code 6 - Reformat, reboot, delete: the nature of Millennial relationships.
Code 7 - Trust in the cloud: shifts from physical to virtual transactions.

“This research is uniquely and immeasurably useful. It adds a higher value dimension to our existing knowledge on this well researched topic, as we have spent a year with them, day in and out, to study where they live, play, dream, create and shape our future," Andreas Vogiatzakis (pictured centre), CEO of Havas Media Group Malaysia, said.

"Understanding real insights to the Millennials is crucial to Havas Media because we are committed to deliver content that is firmly rooted in robust insights and understanding, and thus enable us to really add value to our clients’ business by connecting consumers and brands in more meaningful ways," he added.

In Malaysia, research was conducted by following the lives of ten selected Malaysian Millennials for a year - four Chinese, four Malays and two Indians - in places they interacted, learnt and communicated.

The regional effort saw Havas Media conducting a two-year in-depth study of Millennials in key cities across Asia Pacific such as Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. It's main focus was to create a Millennial "thick data" set, an approach that takes a detailed and immersive understanding of each Millennial participant and their environment.

A total of 1,430 one-on-one interviews were carried out to enrich the 130 Millennial portraits that formed the basis of the study.