Has the growth in digital stunted creativity in advertising?

About 67% of marketers find that digital growth in advertising has come at the expense of the quality of creative. According to a survey by adtech company, Sizmek, more than half of marketers said that fully utilitsing their creative within standard ad formats is difficult. They cited this to the challenges in delivering "engaging and impactful" creative.

Although banner and Mid page Unit (MPU) ad sizes are designed to fit neatly within publisher content, the survey said that often there isn't enough room for brands to create the desired conversations with their audiences. The study added that despite the rise of digital, many marketers still place high importance on the creative, and are looking for ways to incorporate more creativity into their campaigns - despite the shift in digital marketing focus on advancements in data, AI, and privacy.

Approximately 81% of surveyed marketers said that improving digital campaigns to show off their creatives more effectively is a high or critical priority over the coming year.

These include boosting the engagement of ad creatives by using dynamic creative elements that optimises to achieve personalisation or creative sequencing which is cited as "ideal" for creating a coherent customer journey. In addition, 73% are looking to introduce or increase the use of interactive ad formats.

Approximately 83% of the surveyed marketers agree that premium interactive formats such as animation, sliders, scratch and reveal configurations, and gamification deliver high engagement within digital placements. These formats are often within standard ad sizes, allowing for engagement, brand storytelling as well as reach. Among the 500 surveyed, 79% said that increasing the use of dynamic creative optimisation will their organisation's top marketing initiatives next year.

Apart from interactive ad formats, more than half of marketers also plan to introduce or implement virtual reality capabilities in the near future. However when considering the impact of AI,

84% said the technology is "useless" without the right creative input, citing that data alone isn’t enough to support marketers.

Moreover, 91% also agreed that creative input is as important as the use of data in digital campaigns.

“The explosive rise in digital marketing has generated a huge opportunity to create more targeted and personalised experiences for brands to deliver to their customers. It should also offer the chance for brands to be more creative and enable them to fine-tune their creativity to the perfect audience," Oren Regev, VP product management said.

He added that there is a wealth of capabilities available to help brands achieve its goals through technology. "By combining data, creative and media together and building a foundation that is driven by AI, brands will become more empowered to build campaigns that meet their aspirations," Regev said.