Hakuhodo buys out Integrated Communications Group

Hakuhodo Inc has fully acquired shares in Integrated Communications Group. The agency group headquartered in Singapore with operations in some Asia Pacific countries.

Since its establishment in 2003 in Singapore, ICG has expanded throughout the Asia Pacific region to China, Malaysia, Korea, India, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. PMG and other leading ICG subsidiary companies provide promotion planning, event production (especially B2B events), marketing tool creation, retail management, creative development, digital production, and other services. The activation agency group provides solutions and services in many countries to global clients.

The Hakuhodo Group is strengthening its specialist marketing service platforms as a means to realize  its aim to be among the world’s top marketing companies and help build clients’ corporate value through integrated marketing and management competencies, as set out in the Group’s 2014–2018 Medium-Term Business Plan. By welcoming ICG, the Group will significantly enhance its responsive-nessand proposal platforms in the activation business domain in Asia Pacific.

Man Haw Kong, ICG CEO and CFO, said: “We are extremely delighted to be joining the Hakuhodo Group. We are confident that we can derive a lot of strategic value from the partnership by leveraging on our complementary strengths. We are looking forward to a very successful partnership, and to propel our business significantly in the coming few years with their support.”

Aaron Ow, ICG executive director , said: “We are happy to be joining the Hakuhodo Group, as it allows us to access new clientele in the region and offer  new wholistic solutions to our clients. There is much synergy between ICG and the  Hakuhodo Group.”

Tim Jones, ICG executive director, commented on the business deal: “Over the last 21 years, ICG has grown exponentially in Asia Pacific to become the largest independent marketing communications firm in Asia Pacific. Today our journey takes an exciting new turn with ICG joining the Hakuhodo group and their more than 120 years of company history. This brings together two companies with the shared aspiring goal of expansion of business in Asia Pacific. ICG is looking forward to working  within the Group to the benefit of all our clients.”

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