Guinness and BBDO Singapore celebrate Southeast Asian men

Guinness has partnered with BBDO Singapore to create a new film to celebrate men who are made of more. This is in a bid to replicate Guinness’ global campaign with a Southeast Asian context.

The film aims to highlight a man who has overcome the limitations of daily life. The protagonist of the spot is Luke Landrigan, someone who embodies the qualities of a man made of more, according to the brand. Born in San Juan, La Union, a small fishing village in the north of the Philippines, Luke pursued his passion for surfing, despite the sport being relatively unknown in his homeland back then.

Landrigan’s big break came when he won a medal at the Asian Beach Games, becoming the face of surfing in the Philippines. As a result of his success, more jobs and opportunities opened up for people in San Juan.


According to Venus Teoh, marketing director at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, the brand hopes to showcase Guinness’s core brand values by turning the spotlight on individuals who embody them.

“In Singapore, this means celebrating people who have the courage to carve out their own paths and are making a positive impact on the communities around them. ‘What Are You Made Of’ is not just a campaign, it is a call-to-action for every person to show what they’re made of – we’re all made of more in some way or another,” Teoh added.

“It’s always a blast telling a Guinness story. There is such clarity to what the brand stands for, that the work always gravitates to powerful storytelling. Luke’s journey, and the impact he has had on the people around him, is a great example of this,” Primus Nair, executive creative director, BBDO Singapore said.

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