Google leads top 10 brands Hongkongers feel proud to work for

Google is the brand that Hong Kongers would be proudest to work for, according to the latest rankings from YouGov BrandIndex.

YouGov released the latest ranking list of the YouGov BrandIndex, which looks at which brands people would be proud or embarrassed to work for. These rankings were based on a year’s worth of data to 31 March 2019.

Digital brands have a strong presence in the top ten. The internet search giant Google tops the list with a score of 40.9, followed by technology company Apple in second place (29.1). Instant messaging platform WhatsApp takes sixth place (23.6) and social media platform Facebook comes in seventh (23.1).

The list was compiled with brands from various industries. Luxury watch manufacturer Rolex in the third place (26.7); Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in fourth (25.8); Coffee chain Starbucks comes in eighth (23.0) and sportswear manufacturer Nike in ninth (22.6). Financial services also fare well – with VISA coming in fifth (24.5) and HSBC in tenth (22.4).

Ervin Ha, head of data products at YouGov APAC said: “The prevalence of tech brands in the top ten shows that many Hong Kongers want to work for innovative and forward-thinking employers – particularly Google who takes the top spot. Being a brand people would be proud to work for is a good indication of positive brand health.”

YouGov has also published its top ten improvers. Cosmetics brand Bonjour heads the list with a score increase of +5.9, followed by competitor Sasa in second (up +5.5 points), and airline Cathay Pacific in third (up +3.0).