Glispa Global Group launches new influencer network

Mobile adtech company Glispa Global Group has launched Voltu, a performance-led social influencer network for mobile acquisition. The new offering will  connect advertisers with influential content creators worldwide in order to drive app installs, brand awareness and engagement.

Voltu is a natural extension of the Glispa Performance Network offering and Glispa has been running bespoke social influencer ad campaigns with significant ROI for over three years for clients like Square Enix and Chinese giant, Youzu.

“With Voltu we address inherent mobile ad industry challenges including advertisers’ needs for transparency and fraud protection, ever-diminishing user engagement with banner ads, and the rise of ad blockers,” said Samantha Turner, commercial director and Voltu creator/ambassador.

“We offer our advertising clients a hyper-native solution, leveraging trusted authorities in their topic areas (e.g. gaming) to drive high-value user acquisition and brand awareness at scale,” she added.

Gary Lin, CEO and founder, added, “Glispa Global Group is employing its eight years of performance DNA, proprietary technology and unprecedented global reach to make this incredibly valuable delivery method viable for all marketers. Voltu connects advertisers with influencers worldwide to promote apps, drive installs and develop stronger customer relationships or lifetime value. ”

Voltu’s technology platform leverages the same power that is behind Glispa’s world class, enterprise-scale platform, innovated upon for years. The platform includes advanced tracking and attribution, campaign management, reporting and analytics, quality optimisation, fraud analysis and billing system to power a highly innovative, efficient and ROI driven backend.