Expanding boundaries, delivering excellence

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The Red Tag, an integrated marketing agency, recently earned a silver award at Marketing Events Awards 2019 for the category, Best B2B Event: Exhibitions/Trade Shows.

Helmed by Veronica Lee, who started the company in 2014, it has grown in size and strength, retaining and securing more clients this year due to the agency’s integration of events, marketing, PR, social PR and digital.

With a staff of 11, the company aims to deliver through the collaboration of best-in-class brand leaders, discipline specialists, project executors and holistic planners, driving integrated solutions through centralised planning and contact processes.

The existing portfolio of clients ranges from blue-chip to boutique brands such as William Grant & Sons, Nippon Paint, IJM Land, Tropicana, Singapore Tourism Board, Kuala Linggi International Port, Malaysia Boleh!, Pacifica and Dafni, which has contributed to the growth.

Among its notable events was the WGS Trade Party for William Grant & Sons, which The Red Tag was tasked to highlight the newly assigned wholesalers; showcase each brands’ presence (The Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Monkey Shoulder, Hendrick’s Gin); and build relationships with trade and media friends.

To cover the objectives, the Trade Party event was set to host both trade partners and media friends, followed by a media release with the necessary information highlighting the trade partners involved.

While plotting out a strategy for the brands, The Red Tag studied each brand and distilled the crux of each brand that would be integrated into the respective booth designs. Brand activations were planned alongside brand managers to highlight each brand’s unique traits to the trade partners.

With a challenge to showcase four distinctive brands equally, the event space was divided into five sections – The Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Monkey Shoulder, Hendrick’s Gin and Common Area – where guests and media were able to mingle.

The Balvenie

Transforming the space into a cosy workshop-themed booth, a nicely arranged pegboard wall with tools and a wall of brand photos was built. In combining lifestyle elements into the event, it created an ambience that felt raw, yet comforting and clean. In enhancing the overall look and feel, dried barley was used to soften the look, which resembled one of the five rare crafts of the brand.


Featuring a white background with illustrations of items used in the making of Glenfiddich, guests were able to experience a contemporary based design. This brand combines tangible and intangible brand knowledge, where it is able to showcase its innovativeness through technology. There was a pop quiz machine, display corner, interactive table and a portable bar.

The display corner doubled as a photo wall, featuring the respective tasting notes for each whisky, and displaying real-life ingredients to add to the experience. Guests could get a serve of any of the Glenfiddich whiskies from the portable bar and find out all the information on the whiskies at the interactive table by placing their nosing glass on it.

The Glenfiddich cart was placed in the common area, serving the debut whisky and barley cocktail featuring Glenfiddich 15, Ginseng Honey, Lemon and Barley Water, crafted by Coley Cocktail Bar.

Monkey Shoulder

The overall ambience fitted the American arcade and disco vibe, with the usage of disco balls and disco tile floor stickers. Upon entering the booth, a photo wall with a Monkey Shoulder neon light was on the left, followed by a portable bar, DJ deck with bean bags, a Monkey Pong table, a Monkey Trolley with popcorn machine, and the claw machine.

With the drinks menu printed on the backdrop itself, this facilitated guests to order their cocktails. By incorporating brand assets in transparent stickers for glass panels within the space helped with keeping the orange brand colour consistent and making sure that enough light could enter, keeping the ambience at a comfortable level.

Hendrick’s Gin

Creating a “Peculiar Garden”, the team crafted an arch at the entrance of the booth. Upon entering from the left, a set-up of a garden dome with table and chairs was placed to set the tone, followed by Hendrick’s basin and bathtub and a portable bar on the right.

Following the strategy, the team utilised carpet grass for the garden aspect, and for the bathroom and bar, the team used a black and white chequers pattern.

This contrast was able to highlight the difference of both elements, fitting in the unusualness of the brand’s identity. For decorative elements, the team focused on using fresh roses from India and Japanese cucumber to give the ambiance a softer touch.

As a result, The Red Tag was able to generate an astounding rate in return on investment of 1986.81% for the media coverage, and an additional 73 guests from the targeted 300 guests during the trade party.

The soul and strength of the agency lies in its staff, who have gained their stripes through different events and solved obstacles that enable them to stretch their creative minds in expanding marketing boundaries and delivering communication excellence to their clients.

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The writer is Jean Lee, account director, The Red Tag.