Etihad Airways unveils customer service initiative on WhatsApp

Etihad Airways has launched a WhatsApp Business solution which allows passengers to communicate instantly with the airline.

Part of the airline's digital strategy, the new service provides an enhanced offering to premium guests when they are at Abu Dhabi International Airport, allowing them to chat with the airline's agents about their flights in a fast, personal and efficient manner. Besides communicating with customer service agents, the WhatsApp Business solution will be expanded in the future to enable guests to receive information messages such as flight reminders.

This can be done by opting into WhatsApp communications on the Etihad Airways booking confirmation page. The airline's WhatsApp number will be displayed at the premium check-in counters at Abu Dhabi Airport during the initial trial phase.

According to Robin Kamark, Etihad Airways chief commercial officer, the new solution will offer its premium guests with immediate contact with the airline. “Air travellers around the world use WhatsApp in their daily lives and so it is an ideal channel for them to communicate with the airline and receive the latest information about their travel journey," Kamark added.