Entropia unveils Blanc, Noir and Rouge entities

Entropia has diversified its offerings into three different entities Entropia Blanc, Entropia Noir and Entropia Rouge. These entities will be customised to current offerings and manage conflicts.

Entropia Blanc and Noir are currently housed in separate offices with separate legal entities. Entropia Rouge is slated to be operational in the third quarter. In a statement announcing the move, Prashant Kumar (pictured), senior partner at Entropia, said that the agency is in the midst of re-organising the teams, and the type of talent, tools, and work processes required.

Entropia Blanc was setup earlier this year to cater to clients which own a majority share of the market. The agency focuses on expanding the category, creating new usage and staying a step ahead of competition.  Entropia Noir on the other hand, is designed for clients who are challengers in the market. This refers to clients whose primary focus is being the market leader, with the continuous need to innovate.

Meanwhile, Entropia Rouge is designed for clients which are disruptors in their respective category, with relatively small shares but are risk takers looking to disrupt. Kumar added that Entropia sees this approach as natural, responsive, and customised. Through the new offering, it hopes to personalise as per category involvement, purchase frequency, product life cycle and audience.

“These are tough times for the economies in Asia, and the time for one-size-fits-all, assembly line offerings is over. It should be no surprise that media and communication must derive from marketing. Just as the marketing play changes depending upon market status, ambition and risk appetite - the strategy for investment allocations, the risk and return profile of ideas and innovations must change too,” Kumar said.

Entropia currently works with more than 15 clients, including Tesco, Nippon Paints, PepsiCo bottler Etika, AIA, KFC, Sime Darby and Air Asia among others.