Early Childhood Development Agency launches campaign with Ogilvy and Geometry

As part of its three-year national recruitment drive, “Shape Our Tomorrow”, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) has launched a campaign titled, “It’s not just work when you work with children”. Done together with Ogilvy Singapore and Geometry Singapore, the campaign aims to challenge jobseekers to re-evaluate the definition of what makes work meaningful as well as to ignite the notion that possibly “not all work is made equal”.

Unveiling a video across social media platforms until 17 August 2019, the spot looks to show the differences and similarities in working in a corporate world and taking up a position in the early childhood sector. It is also ECDA’s aim to drive more traffic to its career fair.

Pauline Mo, director (partnerships and programmes), ECDA, said the company’s intent is to show how everyday work tasks such as presentations and paperwork can take on a different dimension and meaning when it si carried out with and for young children. Through this, ECDA aims to inspire those who enjoy being around young children to reflect on how different their daily work efforts can be if they are part of the early childhood sector.

Phuc Nguyen, business director, Ogilvy Singapore, said the team was more targeted in specifically encouraging those already attracted to the idea of working with young children to take a leap of faith and make a career-switch. Meanwhile, Jorge Thauby, executive creative director, Geometry Singapore, added the creative challenge was to not disapprove other professions and to not over-sell what a teaching job is like but to present in a way that viewers make their own decisions.

“No job is without challenges but not every job offers the fulfilment of shaping a child’s life. This campaign is all about making jobseekers see this simple truth and choose a new career path accordingly,” he added.

Ogilvy Singapore was appointed in May last year as the lead agency for the “Shape Our Tomorrow” integrated campaign with various partner agencies including Geometry, Kantar Public and MediaCom. The campaign’s objective lies in recruiting, recognising and retaining early childhood educators by highlighting the invaluable role they play in the development and nurturing of a child.