Discover the 6 visual trends for 2017 to create eye-catching ad campaigns

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The power of images transcends time and space, geographical and cultural barriers. Finding the perfect imagery to catch attention and illustrate the theme of advertising has always been the most troublesome task for advertisers. The world’s largest digital content company Getty Images has released the 6 visual trends for 2017 by analyzing big data every year.

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1. The virtuality trend inspires our wild imagination to become participants, not only seeing but experiencing. Starting with a touching theme evokes the audience’s emotional response, inspire thinking and sharing, which lets the message go viral.

Woman holding donut on colorful backdrop

2. The color surge captures our eyes with unusual color combinations and saturated color. Employing color strategically to echo with the context plays a huge role to stimulate responses.

Black male kissing black female with afro

3. The unfiltered trend expresses stories with strong appeal by bold and documentary-style images. Featuring real people or seldom explored topics with real emotions builds positive brand sentiment by moving people to reflect on life and adding true value of sharing with each other.

Young woman boxing in urban setting

4. The gritty woman represents a new woman who is tough and tenacious to fight for her goals. Matching brand values with the impressive imagery strengthens the link between the brand and the audience, eventually developing brand affinity.

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5. The global neighborhood trend embraces our collective cultural identities related to what we believe rather than where we are. Making use of meaningful images to meet the needs of the audience creates a higher chance for them to communicate their emotions, opinions or beliefs on social media.

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6. The new naivety appreciates visuals that are spontaneous and playful, at times uncomfortable but still making people laugh. Using these eye-catching images on social media can differentiate the brand and reach different segments of audience for driving more traffic.

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影像的震撼力可超越時空、地域及文化的界限。為廣告選對圖像,在捕捉觀眾目光的同時傳達產品訊息,往往是廣告人最煩惱的問題。全球最大圖庫公司Getty Images每年透過大數據對視覺趨勢作出分析,早前釋出2017年的六大視覺趨勢:

Free Fly Skydiving in Péronne

1. 「虛擬實境」將想像力延伸,讓觀眾搖身一變成參與者,在瞬間體驗非凡經歷。觸動人心的視覺主題牽引觀眾的情感,讓他們不自覺地跳出日常框架,啟發思維、促進分享;讓訊息如病毒般散播。

Woman holding donut on colorful backdrop

2. 「澎湃色彩」的浪潮打破常規,利用非一般的顏色組合,融入奪目、濃烈的色彩凝聚視線。策略性地運用配合主題的色彩,帶動更多回響;

Black male kissing black female with afro

3. 「不加濾鏡」的紀實相片,以大膽、率真的手法述說故事,湧動著難以抗拒的感染力。以真誠的角度專訪寫實人物、或鮮被探討的題材,細意分析當中的情感或理念,讓觀眾反思生活,增添分享的意義,同時建立正面及積極的品牌氛圍;

Young woman boxing in urban setting

4. 「堅毅女性」的影像,隨著更多女性擔任領導角色,與各地對性別不斷增加的討論與關注,新女性圖像反映一種生活態度、一種鍥而不捨的精神。採用配合品牌價值的女性影像,可加強品牌與觀眾之間的聯繫及建立親和感;

Cut Up 09

5. 「全球鄰里」視像的盛行,源於網路通訊、交通及貨運越趨便捷,讓我們不再受區域阻隔,因擁有共同信念而產生文化認同。善用蘊含意義的圖像能引起共鳴,推動觀眾在社群媒體上交流感受、意見或理念的機會;

Collage 34

6. 「率樸天真」的圖像均發自內心、趣味盎然、時而有點突兀、但不減其風趣幽默,令人開懷大笑的特質。透過在不同社群媒體發佈引人注目的影像,接觸各個層面的觀眾,有效鞏固品牌形象並帶動流量。

在日趨視像化的世界,圖像早已成為推廣內容不可或缺的核心部分。stock by Getty Images一直竭力提供最優質的創作素材,現存近4千萬項由全球投稿人創作的圖像、插圖、影片及音樂素材,隨時隨地為不同的方案注入靈感。最近更針對中文客戶需求而打造中文網站,現已正式面世。除新增中文搜尋功能外,亦提供更龐大的本土影像圖庫、更全面的中文檢索詞彙,配合操作簡易、備受推祟的強大搜尋引擎,搜尋合適影像從此輕而易舉。

立即登入iStock by Getty Images中文網站 ,發掘您心儀的影像內容。細心思考每張相片背後的含意,解放無限的想像空間,開拓別具創意、獨樹一幟的宣傳方案。

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