Direct mail case study: Zouk hypes up midweek fun

Singapore Iconic nightclub Zouk celebrated its Thank God It’s Wednesday (TGIW)’s third anniversary event on 29 July 2015 as an homage to mid-week fun. 20 years ago, before there was Mambo Jambo, there was TGIW; the game changing mid-week party that really gave Singaporeans a reason to stay out late on Wednesdays. Fast forward 20 years and the nightclub has come full circle as it marks the return of TGIW to the Zouk complex every Wednesday.

Through the media invite, Zouk aimed to prep its partgoers with heady visuals for the aural feast that awaited them as the club turned up the heat with full-on friendly mash-up, electro and hip hop. For its direct mail marketing, an invite was sent out exclusively to the media, key opinion leaders and regular club-goers. The invite was also made available as part of Zouk’s social media giveaways.

The creative idea was executed based on and inspired by the quote penned by writer Anaïs Nin which reads: "We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are."

The idea focuses on the individuality and the uniqueness of each individual. This theme of self-reflection of is expressed through the revolving idea of mirrors and holographic as the event’s central motif. Thus, a mirror was sent as the media invite.

  • Objective

The objective of the invite was to celebrate TGIW's third anniversary as well as Zouk’s one and only Wednesday night. This comes after the change from weekly Wednesday Mambo Jambo.

  • Target audience

Though the media invite was sent to the media and regular clubgoers, the event itself targeted largely tertiary students and party animals that come out during mid-week to play.

  • The result

The event garnered a relatively large turnout for 29 July Wednesday compared to the usual mid-week crowd. Many members from media and influencers, personalities turned up for the event. Within Zouk, those who were specially invited were treated at the Members Bar. Digitally, the event ran on the hashtag #LoveTGIW which received over 100 shout-outs for the night.

tgiw zouk postertgiw zouk postertgiw zouk poster

The writer is Sofie Chandra, head of marketing and events of Zouk.

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