Digital marketing group YDM Thailand acquires FCB Bangkok

Service provider of digital marketing solution, YDM Thailand has acquired FCB Bangkok, to become a "one-stop service" marketing service provider for both online and offline marketing and meet the needs of customers.  This collaboration aims to expand the customer base by 30%.

Tanapon Subsomboon, CEO of YDM Thailand said that the collaboration is under the "Drive.Connect.Grow" vision, joining digital-marketing knowledge. This include the company's expertise with the creative experience and knowledge of branding strategies of FCB Bangkok which will assist customers to step into growth in the digital age.

“FCB Bangkok has expertise in branding communication, communication strategies, advertising campaign management and professional production and is also an organisation with full-fledged team with a strong knowledge base.  Therefore, we believe that this collaboration will lead to mutual exchanges and learning in order to increase marketing competitiveness which will benefit towards customers and brands as well,” Subsomboon said.

“Content that plays a greater role in the future is content that comes with technology and has a form of communication that combines both online and offline because there is no boundary between offline and online in the real world right now.  Therefore, when we create a strategy, we have to think of a big picture that requires the synergy between online and offline together, if we get started from the beginning, it should be a better job," he added.

According to Subsomboon, FCB Bangkok and YDM Thailand will be able to create new O2O (online-to-offline) experiences including marketing strategy design or business solutions which meet the needs of customers.

"Joining forces with YDM Thailand is to strengthen us and to make our services complete, and it is also to allow customers to access to our marketing campaign.  Previously, we found out that some customers contact with their agencies by considering from specific expertise.  Therefore, this collaboration will be able to meet the needs of customers in a comprehensive manner because it is a collaboration of agencies with expertise in both creative and digital marketing.  In the past year, the company had revenue of over 100 million baht, and after the collaboration, the company aims to grow together with YDM Thailand at 30%," Tutiya Disphanurat, managing director of FCB Bangkok said.

FCB Bangkok's main goal is to create a free form of business solution to meet the needs of customers in each business with different needs which will result in ideas for solving problems for customers from all directions, with no need to separate between online or offline.

Disphanurat said that more advance technology will be utilised, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) to purchase advertising media or the utilisation of chat bot to provide service to customers.  These advance technologies will allow agency business to provide service and spend budget more effectively, consistent with the financial growth in digital advertising industry that is constantly increasing.  The number of advertising spending in 2018 is estimated to be worth over 8.9 billion Baht, was predicted to be a budget from digital advertising of 15,000 million Baht, growing for 20% over 2017.