Digital agency We! Interactive merges ops with KatalystM

Digital marketing agency We! Interactive and KatalystM, Southeast Asia’s leading provider of automated marketing have merged their operations under the brand name KLWTT (pronounced kilowatt).

According to a statement, KLWTT signifies a “modern, dynamic, customer focused and data- and technology-driven agency” that will offer a full range of services. This runs from content and creative production, website building and optimisation, display advertising, social media and influencer marketing, to marketing technology and marketing automation services.

KLWTT uniquely embraces an approach that integrates both martech and digital marketing. The agency claims that it stands out from the crowd of traditional and digital agencies in making cloud software platforms an integrated part of its service. The agency added that it “represents a new breed of agencies that puts customer experience front and central in their clients’ marketing effort”.

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Jos Birken, previously CEO of KatalystM and now CEO of KLWTT, said: “Thanks to the merger KLWTT has the complete digital marketing services palette in house. Technology has a deep impact on the way you do marketing. Many people don’t realise how much martech can do, let alone integrating it fully into their marketing effort. We’ll help you with both now, all in one go.”

Matthew Lim, previously CEO of We! Interactive and now  chief revenue officer of the new agency: “KLWTT represents a willingness to change and evolve with time. As a new era marketing agency it is our responsibility to our clients to provide the most efficient and effective solutions available for their business needs.”

Marketing has reached out to KLWTT for more information.