Digi hands PR and digital account to Geometry Global

Digi Telecommunications (Digi) has awarded its public relations and digital assignments to Geometry Global Malaysia. The company confirmed the news to A+M. The contract is for a period of one year.

The agency will be responsible for Digi’s communication, public reputation and perception management, as well as providing digital marketing solutions and driving strategic thinking in the digital space.

The agency has revamped its approach on brand communications by merging traditional PR and digital core strengths. The dual disciplined team will be jointly led by Vivian Tan-Higgs, managing director for PR and Social Lab, and Karen Koay, general manager for digital.

“Heading into this pitch, not only did we leverage on our previous expertise in the mobile telecommunications industry but we also focused on forming together a specialist, multi-disciplinary team with a passion in creating long lasting, valuable and rewarding partnerships with the Digi team,” Kenny Loh, CEO of Geometry Global Malaysia, said.

“We have been focusing on forging a connection between brands and their audiences in an immersive, participatory and conversational way. This is critically important in today’s content rich environment where audience’s attention spans are limited. Heavy emphasis will be placed to identify pivotal ideas that trigger behaviour change in audiences which will be the most important delivery by the agency to Digi,” Jason Wong, group managing director of Geometry Global Malaysia, added.