DDB's LampPost Project returns with colourful Singapore Shoulder Sling

DDB Group Singapore has introduced a limited-edition Singapore Shoulder Sling as part of its annual LampPost project which upcycles National Day banners and flags into colourful tote bags to allow Singaporeans to carry their national pride all year long.

Each bag is individually cut and handsewn by seniors and less privileged Singaporeans, through banners and flags which have been collected, sorted, and cleaned after National Day. Carrying the unaltered original prints, the jovial bags are colourful and versatile. According to the press statement, all funds collected will be donated to the Singapore Association for Mental Health, and organisation which helps Singaporeans with mental illness reintegrate into society.

Additionally, LampPost Project is also joining hands with Fashion Makerspace to teach Singaporeans how to sew their very own Singapore Shoulder Sling. Taught through both online and in-person workshops, participants can opt to keep their unique creations or donate them to the shop in their name. The team is also planning to bring back last year’s popular reversible totes with a brand new design. Upcycled, adjustable masks will further expand the growing range of National Day commemorative projects in 2020.

Sharon Goh, creative director at DDB Group Singapore said the company was proud of the way Singaporeans had pulled together in these tough times, adding that the new range would forever be a reminder of the camaraderie shown by Singaporeans during COVID-19. “There is nothing not to love about the LampPost Project. It’s responsible, it’s patriotic, and it raises funds for an incredible charity,” Goh added.

Apart from slings and tote bags, in 2018, DDB launched its second project comprising specially designed commemorative cotton t-shirts from upcycled National Day banners, in a bid to raise money for the less-privileged Singaporeans and make supporters look and feel good through this initiative.

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